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Pokémon Journey!

Heb je altijd al een Pokémon trainer, coördinator of breeder willen zijn? Of bewandel jij liever het gevaarlijke pad van een Team Rocket Grunt? Samen met andere leden schrijf jij het verhaal van jouw geheel eigen personage. Doorkruis regio's, vang je favoriete Pokémon en maak nieuwe vrienden onderweg. Laat het avontuur beginnen!
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 Quinn Aurelio

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Quinn Aurelio
Quinn Aurelio
Punten : 243
Gender : Female ♀
Age : 22
Type : Team Rocket
Rang : Grunt
Regions : Kalos
Icon : Pikachu
https://pokemon-journey.actieforum.com/t7358-quinn-aurelio https://pokemon-journey.actieforum.com/t7357-quinn-s-pokedex https://pokemon-journey.actieforum.com/t7365-quinn-s-work-log

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BerichtOnderwerp: Quinn Aurelio   Quinn Aurelio Emptyma jun 04, 2018 11:23 pm

Name: Quinn Aurelio
Age: 22 years old
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship status: Single
Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Aurelio
Siblings: None
Home: Castelia City
Place of Birth: Konikoni City
Region(s): Kalos
Type: Team Rocket
Pokédex: Link

Height: 1.76m
Body type: Fairly curvy, slightly toned
Skin tone: Fair
Hair color: Black
Hair length: Chest-length
Hair texture: Straight
Eye color: Dark grey
Scars: Some small cuts

History: Born to a somewhat unstable couple Quinn's life was off to a rough start. Her parents divorced when she was little so the girl spent a lot of time traveling between Alola and Unova. This didn't do her good, she was stubborn, somewhat aggressive and sly. It was no surprise that she joined a street gang in Castelia City when she lived with her father. There she got a Pawniard which she needed in order to put up a fight. The time she spent with her mother in Konikoni City she mostly spent studying. The girl wasn't dumb after all and there wasn't much to do there anyway. The only thing she liked over there was her Jangmo-o, which she got from her mother to keep her company. The older she got, the more time she spent at her father's home. She grew in ranks and by the time she got twenty she was near the top. Around that time she found an abandoned Noibat and took care of the pokémon. Two years later she got bored with her current lifestyle and decided to travel to Kalos. It didn't take long before she got in touch with Team Rocket, nor did it take long for her to join. She saw this as a new challenge.

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Lynn Xavier
Lynn Xavier
Punten : 482
Gender : Female ♀
Age : Nineteen
Type : Trainer
Regions : Hoenn en Kalos
Icon : Liepard
https://pokemon-journey.actieforum.com/t230-lynnette-xavier https://pokemon-journey.actieforum.com/t1283-lynn-s-pokedex#19519

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BerichtOnderwerp: Re: Quinn Aurelio   Quinn Aurelio Emptyza jun 09, 2018 11:45 pm

Welcome to the world of Pokémon!

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Quinn Aurelio
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