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Heb je altijd al een Pokémon trainer, coördinator of breeder willen zijn? Of bewandel jij liever het gevaarlijke pad van een Team Rocket Grunt? Samen met andere leden schrijf jij het verhaal van jouw geheel eigen personage. Doorkruis regio's, vang je favoriete Pokémon en maak nieuwe vrienden onderweg. Laat het avontuur beginnen!
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 Spencer Bates

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Spencer Bates
Spencer Bates
Punten : 275
Gender : Male ♂
Age : 22 Y
Regions : Kalos
Icon : Mudkip

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BerichtOnderwerp: Spencer Bates   Spencer Bates Emptyza mei 13, 2017 7:14 pm

Full name: Spencer Bates
Gender: Male
Age: 22 Y/O
Sexuality: Homosexual
Rank: Grunt, Team Rocket

Pokémon on hand: Grace, female Milotic, lv20
Pokédex: T/B/A
Hair color: Brown with black markings
Eye color: Deep dark brown (can be mistaken for black)
Length: Tall
Muscle Build: Average
Clothing Preference: Casual
» Strong Points
Spencer is a confident guy. He go's everywhere with a assured demeanor and a good sense of humor. Albeit maybe a bit dark. He believes strongly in himself and his capabilities and it takes a lot to bring that self image down. He also is an excellent liar. Spencer learned to lie since he was very young and now he can make up a believable lie on the spot if he's put in that situation, regardless of the position he is currently in. This combined with his good sense of humor and confident demeanor made his ability to lie almost perfect. It takes a very keen sense to know when this guy tells you a lie.

» Weak Points
Spencer is very vain. He would in theory sell his own mother for a good set of clothes to make sure he looks presentable and rich. Like he's supposed to be. This also plays a huge factor in his confident demeanor. Strip him of his nice clothes and good looks and he will lose his self assurance. He has a huge burn mark that covers his entire back and he is very self aware of this. No one must ever see it. He also has some narcissistic traits. He will do anything for himself and by himself, regardless of the collateral damage. He'd shamelessly befriend someone to meet his goal in his life and then betray them once that goal is met. Lastly, Spencer is afraid of fire. This fear is so extreme that if he is exposed to even small bits of fire he will lose his self control and panic. Fire had mutilated him and hurt him and the memory of the accident is still fresh in his mind.
Spencer was born up in Jubilife City, Sinnoh and spend the majority of his childhood there. His parents were typical, rich people who attended fancy parties and were among the elite of the town. Spencer grew up with a luxury that not many boys his age have and therefore developed to become a arrogant and somewhat spoiled brat. He was home schooled and therefore did not have many friends growing up. Both of his parents were maintaining a tough career and did not invest many time in their son's life. They often bought lots of toys and other things to buy his love and keep him busy. To make sure he would not be too lonely when they were away they eventually got him a starter pokémon from the pokémon lab at age 8, which is earlier than kids who aspire to become a pokemon trainer. A Chimchar was their choice and Spencer named it Luffy. For a while it seemed that the lonely, spoiled child was becoming happier. He however also grew careless and one day decided to imitate a pokémon battle he had seen on TV in his living house. He was unaware of the dangers and the house ended up catching on fire. The fire spread rapidly and Spencer got trapped when a burning beam fell on top of him. Luckily the fire department arrived soon since they were only located a few blocks away. By the time they got there though Spencer had horrible burns on the entirety of his back and inhaled a lot of smoke. The penthouse apartment ended up burning completely to the ground and Spencer his Chimchar also died in the fire. Heavily traumatized Spencer recovered in the hospital. His parents however blamed him for losing their precious possessions and instead of comforting him scolded him. He was denied any pokémon from that point on. Eventually his father got offered a job in Hearthome City and the family moved. Spencer was 18 when he left home to go to college back in Jubilife City. The city brought back many rotten memories and added to the fact that the boy now had all of a sudden all this freedom in the world he quickly came in touch with the bad people. He was also met with some unexpected resilience, seeing how before his quite literally got everything he wanted from his parents and now he had to do it by himself. He sunk even farther and eventually after a year dropped out of college. Before leaving Sinnoh he traveled back home with the excuse his university had organized a field trip to Kalos. They gave him a healthy sum of money and Spencer went on his way to never return. He'd send them a letter saying that he was all right and now embarking on a new journey. Enraged about their sons failed lifestyle and the fact that he had taken so much money with him to waste it all they left him to his own devices and told him to never come back. Meanwhile the people Spencer had met in Jubilife pointed him in the direction of Team Rocket and after doing a few jobs for them he was officially accepted as a grunt. In that time he acquired a Feebas which was one of the most useless pokémon ever. Since he wasn't that good a pokémon trainer he kept her around anyway and, by pure accident, found out how it evolved. He officially named her Grace once she became a Milotic, this because of her beautiful colors and graceful movements.

Spencer Bates Vw4GTYM
Spencer Bates YmTUNP3
Spencer Bates Vw4GTYM
run me like a racehorse rip me like a ropecord
break me down and build me up
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Cecille Skarsgård
Cecille Skarsgård
Punten : 84
Gender : Female ♀
Age : 22
Type : Trainer
Regions : Hoenn en Kalos
Icon : Tyrogue
https://pokemon-journey.actieforum.com/t135-cecille-skarsgard https://pokemon-journey.actieforum.com/t139-cecille-s-pokedex https://pokemon-journey.actieforum.com/t6582-cecille-s-work-log#132295

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BerichtOnderwerp: Re: Spencer Bates   Spencer Bates Emptyzo mei 14, 2017 2:11 pm

Welcome to the world of Pokémon!

Cecille Skarsgård
No matter where you are, I'll be
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Spencer Bates
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