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 Aviana's Pokédex

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Aviana Dufrou
Punten : 174
Gender : Female ♀
Age : 22 Y
Type : Team Rocket
Rang : Grunt
Icon : Mudkip
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Dragonair can make its wings grow larger in order to fly, but otherwise moves through the air unaided. Dragonair hosts a large amount of energy within its body, which it can discharge through the crystal orbs on its neck and tail. This causes its body to brighten and give off a different aura that changes the weather in its vicinity. Dragonair is a rare Pokémon that inhabits seas and lakes.

Vhagar doesn't really get along with anyone. He likes to fight because he constantly is looking for stronger opponents to test his skills against. However he hates to lose. Vhagar has an exceptionally bad relationship with it's trainer. She uses a special collar on him that gives him shocks that can vary from feeling like a sting to actually hurting very badly. If this wasn't used he would turn on her given the change since he is used as a slave rather than an actual being with feelings. This leads to lots of frustration and build up of power.

Name: Vhagar
Species: #148 Dragonair
Length: 5.0 meter
Weight: 20 kg
Typing: Dragon
Ability: Shed Skin
Current level: 40 potential: 01

Thunder Wave
Dragon Rage
Dragon Tail
Aqua Tail
Frustration TM
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Aviana's Pokédex
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